Born at Mountain Wolf | Senoma County, California
Lives & works between Palermo and Paris

Images, what they do and how they fit together are what we talked about growing up working with my father, the American film-maker Robert Kramer. Alongside him, he made space for me on most of his film productions on the set and in the editing room, up to his death in 1999, after which, with Julien Cloquet (the sound engineer of the film) we finalized Cités de la plaine, presented at Cannes Film Festival in 2000, a meditation on immigration and the irremediable contradictions that a globalist neoliberal society has not resolved.
In the last twenty years I have continued to take care of his archive and films, working on restoration and promotion; last year organizing for the twentieth memorial, a complete retrospective of over thirty of his films at the Cinémathèque Française in Paris.
When I began making my own films, I apprenticed with Steve Dwoskin, who naturally infused my expression with a whole new chapter pertaining to experimental and esthetic research in video. I made over a dozen videos and documentaries and a 35mm fiction, Killer of Beauty, produced at the Villa Medici in Rome, 2009.
I studied photography with John Willis at Marlboro College (Vermont, 1993); history of photography with Shelley Rice at the School of Visual Art (New York, 1995), and contemporary art with Alain Fleischer and Sarkis at Le Fresnoy (Roubaix, 2001) and most recently at Bela Tarr's Film Factory (Sarajevo, 2013).
I never stop using photography (35mm) which continues to be my favorite medium.
My most recent exhibition, Lumen Opaticum, was last winter at The Film Gallery in Paris.

Recent Works

Poetry Books :
Ink Poems, (collaboration with Davide Barbarino) 2017 Palermo
Wind Poems, 2018 Lungomare Palermo

Films (selective):
Killer of Beauty

The Beast Notes

Molecular Black

I'll be your eyes, You'll be mine

Rose Garçon

Photography series:
Tree Drawings, 2009 London
Cosmetrico, 2016 -- in progress Visoko, Sicily

Lumen Opaticum, 2019 - Paris

Painting series:

Ascoltare il Vento, 2018 Palermo, Sicily
Trees, 2019 Sainte Philomène, Le Var
Energy Prints (Observation from meditation), 2013-in progress, Hyderabad, India

Circolo Invernale, 2017, Orto Botanico di Palermo
Circolo Estivo, 2014 Mountain Wolf, California
Planet Salt, 2013 La Camargue


Recent Exhibitions:

Di Risonanze Cromatiche | Villa Giulia - Inverno, 2020 - Arvis Palermo_Galleria FIAF

Lumen Opaticum, 2019 - The Film Gallery, Paris


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